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Aerospace Machining

aerospace machining

Aerospace engineering accounts for some of the most technologically advanced design and manufacturing processes in human history. In order for our customers to stay at the leading edge of this competitive marketplace they must have access to tools and systems of the same technical caliber.  Although a manual milling machine is a great tool, today’s aerospace industry requires cutting edge technology and systems to be able to meet the ever growing demand of precision machined parts.  At Hi-Tech Machine and Fabrication we believe that innovation and a standard for excellence are essential to the growth of our company, our customers, and our nation.  We are driven to utilize new technology to increase the efficiency and the capabilities of our customers.

At Hi-Tech Machine and Fabrication we understand the complexity and need to maintain adequate quality control systems to aid in overall project efficiency and effectiveness.  By machining, and fabricating within ISO9001:2008 quality management systems, Hi-Tech Machine and Fabrication, maintains accountability of all materials from the first to the last step of a project.  It is our goal, when working with your engineers, to create a value added, lean manufactured part by providing feedback and traceability through first article inspection reports, customer-approved control plans, and material certifications.  It is this attention to detail combined with providing on-time delivery, in-process communication, and years of technical manufacturing expertise that allows Hi-Tech Machine and Fabrication to excel as a supplier for aerospace machining.

When it comes to machined parts for the aerospace industry we know what it takes to manufacture hardware that lives depend on.  Our ethos promotes success through strong leadership, technological adaptation, and innovation. We aim to provide cutting edge technology and systems that will enhance our customer’s capabilities by offering better and more innovative manufacturing solutions at a lower cost, ensuring an operational advantage today that will be sustainable through the ever-changing technological environment of the future.

Materials we work with:

  • •Stainless Steel

  • •Titanium

  • •Nickel

  • •Alloy Steel

  • •Hardened Steel

  • •Plastics

  • •Inconel ®

  • •Aluminum

  • •Brass

  • •Bronze

  • •Graphite

  • •Rubbers

  • •Hastelloy ®

  • •Waspalloy ®

  • •Copper

  • •PCD Diamond

  • •Delrin

  • •Composites